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About Us

Dialysis Freedom CIC Ltd is an innovative Community Interest Company formed solely for the benefit of the dialysis community and funded by the Kidney Care UK in conjunction with Dialysis Freedom.

Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to help to improve the quality of life for dialysis patients in the UK by providing access to dialysis away from base in the UK via the UK Dialysis Swap Scheme, and to give advice and assistance to patients when booking their holidays.

Our Vision

We understand how increasingly difficult and frustrating it has become for patients to find holiday dialysis in the UK, and how disappointing this is, it was because of the numerous requests that we received for dialysis in the UK that the Swap Scheme was born.

The idea is quite simply to use the space created when patients go abroad along with any existing holiday dialysis places. It is our vision that all UK Dialysis centre’s will embrace the scheme,  in doing so it would open up hundreds of dialysis places for patients to use, whether it be to attend a family celebration, visit a new grandchild, stay with family and friends or to take a holiday.