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How to Book

How to find and book a dialysis slot

  • Enter the name of the- TOWN, CITY or COUNTY in the search box.
  • Click on the result and check the calendar for available dates, available dates are shown in GREEN (at present there are very few green slots so please call and we will check with the unit for you)
  • If there are dates you wish to book contact Dialysis Freedom via phone 01509808668, email info@dialysisfreedom.co.uk, or complete the contact form on our contact us section on the website.
  • We need a minimum of four weeks notice to book a dialysis slot.
  • We will provisionally book the dates for you until the paperwork is completed.
  • All booking must be made through Dialysis Freedom and not directly with the Dialysis Unit (this is to cut down on paperwork for the nursing staff).
  • Confirmation and all other details will be sent out within 5 days of receiving your completed paperwork.
  • The service is completely free of charge to all users within the UK.
  • If you can't see a slot (i.e.the calendar is blank) at the unit you wish to visit please call us as we still may be able to help find a space.